Discover a whole new way of learning the drums.

Drumtrainer offers MORE THAN 6.000.000 possible drum pattern combinations to play along with. And even if you don’t know how to read drum scores, your Drumtrainer will teach you.

Want to learn more? We released 2 awesome special edition apps for the Drumtrainer:
Benny Greb Edition & 8123910138.


Key Features

  • Put your iPhone on your music stand

  • Slide your finger up and down each measure to select a new drum pattern

  • Press the play button to prelisten your selected pattern AND PLAY ALONG

  • Over 6 000 000 combinations!

The legendary Advanced Funk Studies on your iPhone!

With his ‘Drumtrainer | Advanced Funk Studies’, Rick Latham celebrates the 30th anniversary of his legendary drum method book 'Advanced Funk Studies'. With over 5 million funk patterns this is a MUST HAVE for every funk drummer!


Key Features

  • MORE THAN 6.000.000 possible funk groove combinations!

  • Make your own patterns!

  • Drum like the Guru of Contemporary Linear Drumming himself!

  • Rick Latham's favourite groove patterns!

Learn to play the drums like the legend himself!

Every drummer – from beginner to advanced – will find millions of different drum pattern combination on his level. To guide you through all this exercises, Benny Greb himself selected 5 drum patterns with an increasing level of difficulty. Try to master them all.

Create your own patterns by simply swiping! Learn all the possible backbeat patterns.



Key Features

  • Change the hi-hat, snare, ghost-notes or bass drum patterns

  • Make literally every possible combination of a basic Backbeat, pre-listen to it and play along

  • Millions of different drum pattern combination on his level.

  • 5 preset drum patterns selected by Benny Greb himself